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Автор - Matrioshka. Это цитата этого сообщения
Воспоминания... Художник Charles L. Peterson.

A Painter's Memories

Full Service

Garden Party

Harvest Lunch

Piano Lessons

Burning Leaves

Clearing the Field

Country Fresh

Days of Summer

Diamond in the Rough

First Love

Fishing Buddies

Flying Solo

Hay Ride



At the Mill

Auction Day

Family Reunion

One on One


Home Grown

Rites of Spring

The Concert

The Daily News

The Summer Place

Time-Honored Marietta

Wood Sorrel & Mud Lake

A September Sun

Elgin Church

Evening Lemonade

Anderson's Store


Family Tree

Carousel Horses


A Bedtime Story

First Haircut


Rounding the Horn

Daimler Benz Apotheosis


Parade of Honor

Return to Gettysburg

Wilderness Legacy

Swing Your Partner

Sunday Hitch

Talk of Spring

The Stall

The Old Becher's Place

Saturday Night in the Bunkhouse

Sleigh Ride

Potluck at Juddville

Country Doctor

Skater's Ice

On Valentine Lane

Sleigh Bells Ringing

Sugar Time

To Grandmother's House

The Carolers

Sledding Hill

Late Arrival

Yesterday's Snow

All Aboard

Come N' Get It

Phantoms of the Forrest

Jens Jensen at the Clearing

И ещё акварели...

Another Monday at Fish Creek

Country Auction

TGIF At Wilson's

Sunday, Twice Blessed

A Windy Tuesday at Cave Point

Gil's Rock - Foggy Wednesday

Sabbath at Sea


Spring Morning

Safe Harbor

Evening At The Levee

Bon Ami At Ephraim


Spring Fever

Taking Notes

Tis the Season

November at Anderson's Dock

Saturday Night at Ruckert's Store

Thursday at Eagle Light - Early Snow

Ephraim Winter

Memorial Weekend One Man Show

Winter Afternoon

Winter Twlight Poster

Early Snow at Ephraim

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