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Гора Кайлас

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Верующие четырёх религий поклоняются этой горе и считают её священной. Непокорённая гора Кайлас в Тибетском нагорье возвышается более чем на 6600 метров. Ей поклоняются представители разных древних религий.

Mount Kailash - Tibet - Tarpoche - Saga Dawa Festival - Lha Chu Valley - westward from Darchen - pilgrims warshipping the holy mt. kailash (gang rinpoche) in western tibet. the mt. kailash is considered a sacred place in four religions: bön, buddhism, hinduism and jainism. pilgrims walk the kora (53 km long sacred circuit, highest pass at 5.700 m) around the mountain. tibetans believe that the entire walk should be made in a single day. some pilgrims are performing body-length prostrations over the entire length of the kora. it takes them about 3-4 weeks. mt. kailash (6.638 m) has never been climbed. it is one of the last spots on earth never entered by men.

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