deligentkname (deligent) wrote,

♥ My Kalleidoscope home ♥

Оригинал взят у theirea в ♥ My Kalleidoscope home ♥

The thing I love most about moving into a new place is making all my stuff explode onto a new blank canvas of boring white walls. This time I also made kalleidoscope windows out of photos I took through my kalleidoscope collection. They make for an awesome cathedral effect :)
Glass crystals hanging in the window catch the sunlight and throw it on the walls like a meteor-shower of rainbow-prisms.
I don't believe in hiding pretty things in boxes so I display most of my stuff. Aunt Peaches puts it perfectly "What is the purpose in owning something beautiful if you keep it hidden under the bed? I say, take it out. Let it dance!"

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Tags: Красота
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